A Walk Down(town) Memory Lane

Brantford, like many places, has definitely got at least 99 problems, but the evolution of our downtown is absolutely not one of them!

Lets take a walk down memory lane shall we?

Living here your whole life has you seeing some remarkable growth from somewhere that used to feel like such a small town, and the downtown has had one of the most monumental growths I've seen. Don't get me wrong, there is still some work to be done, but hey! Rome wasn't built in a day either. 

Did you know Brantford is considered one of the grandest cities of Old Canada? No? Now you do! It was actually once the third largest industrial centre in the county!
The first inhabitants of what was to eventually become Brantford, appear to have arrived in the early 1800's
Misters Dutton and Wilkes ended up leasing the area that was to become the downtown core in the 1820's from a Chief of The Six Nations, and in 1830, a formal surrender of The Town Lot opened the Downtown for settlement.
In the 1950's, Brantford became a major shipping centre for all the wheat that was grown in the area. Unfortunately however, trains only followed the canal only five years and the Navigation Company went bankrupt in 1861. By that time though, the basic structure of the downtown was laid out in pretty much its present configuration.

After repeated fires it resulted in the original wooden buildings being replaced with brick, and many fine pieces of architecture were built in the core. Sadly, tragedy after tragedy shook the downtown and the city saw a collapse in economic life from the core. 
Year after year many attempts were made to revive the Downtown with no such luck, until FINALLY, the Downtown was reinvented! It became a university neighbourhood and a cultural district!

New restaurants opened, festivals and cultural events took place, and many of the old buildings were repurposed and pedestrian traffic returned!
Throughout the years the Downtown Core also now known as Harmony Square, is host to many events (Stay Tuned)!

It offers a free splash pad in the summer, a roller rink as well in the warmer months, and a free ice rink for families to enjoy! Not to mention the stage for entertainment (Music in the Square),and lets not forget family movies nights (Movies in the Square)

If you're like me and have lived here your entire life, you know all the great things that happen downtown, but if you're new here OR looking to move here, then don't worry! This blog has got you covered! 

We Love Downtown Brantford ❤